About The Friends

The Friends of Koreshan State Park is dedicated to the protection and enhancement of historic, environmental and recreational resources of Koreshan State Park for present and future generations.

What we do

The Friends of Koreshan State Park serves as the Citizens Support Organization (CSO) for the park.  Our fundraising activities support the park through work projects, programs, events, restoration of historic buildings and landscapes, outreach programs, historical exhibits, guided tours, and interpretive programs.

How can you help?

  • Give your time: Volunteer to work at Koreshan State park. Positions are available for a wide variety of interest and expertise. Call (239) 949-2379 to learn more.
  • Financial Support: Become a member, make a donation, a memorial gift, sponsor events, or remember the park in your will. Contact us for more details.

Your generosity will directly benefit Koreshan State Park.

Friends of the Koreshans Timeline


1987Friends of Koreshan, Inc., incorporated
1989Name change to Koreshan Unity Alliance, Inc.
2011Name change to Friends of Koreshan State Historic Site, Inc.
2018Name change to Friends of Koreshan State Park, Inc.


During the 1980s and well into the 1990s, the CSO partnered with the Koreshan Unity, Inc. to produce Lunar and Solar festivals. These events memorialized Koreshan events held each spring and fall to commemorate the birthdays of Victoria Gratia and Cyrus R. Teed. These festivals were held by the Koreshan followers over the years.

In the late 1990s, it was decided that the CSO would begin a new fundraising event, the Ghost Walk, a theatrical production with vignettes depicting life in the Unity during the golden years. This has been the premier fundraising event orchestrated by the CSO ever since. Additional CSO events include a year-round Sunday Farmers Market, Old Fashion Holiday Bazaar, Antique Engine/Quilt/Craft Show, Women’s History Month and Historic Settlement Guided Tours.

Friends of Koreshan has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years, used for improvement to the Park.


1988Master Plan for historic site updated with $7,500.00 grant
1989Founders House restoration plan, $20,000.00 grant-in-aid
1990Restoration Plan for Damkohler Cottage, CSO funded
1991Restoration of Damkohler Cottage, CSO funded
1991Archaeological excavation at Founder’s House,
1992Topographical survey of Koreshan Site, $16,200.00 grant
1993Mound Key survey and brochure, $26,077 grant
1993Koreshan State Historic Site mapping project. A detailed depiction of the existing structures and features in the historic district and identification of potential archeological areas.
1993Restoration of Founders House, $106,875.00 grant
1993Museum Assessment Program Map II, $1,975.00 grant
1993Conservation Assessment Program (CAP), $6,510.00 grant
1994Planetary Court restoration plan, $6,500.00 grant
1999Planetary Court Phase I restoration, $244,088 grant
1999Restoration plan for the New Store, $20,000.00 grant
2000Planetary Court Phase II restoration, $156,711.00 grant
2001Art Hall restoration plan, $13,000.00 grant
2002Art Hall Phase I restoration, grant
2003Restoration of historic bridges, $4,600.00 grant
2004Restoration plan for bakery building, $7,414.00 grant
2004Restoration plan for small machine shop, CSO funded
2004Restoration plan for Membership Cottage (Schlendler Cottage), CSO funded
2007Art Hall Phase II restoration, $261,409.00 grant
2015Restoration plan for industrial buildings, CSO funded $5,800.00
2014Restoration of Membership Cottage (Schlendler Cottage), $20,000 + 13,000 grants
2016Mound Key Improvement Planning, $117,000.00 grant
2019Interpretive Signage Grant, $8,050.00 grant