The Art Hall Steinway Piano

When the Koreshans moved from Chicago to the Estero area in the mid-1890s, they brought with them fifteen boxcars of goods and personal property, including a rare Steinway piano. E. Bonnell, a teacher from Morristown, NJ, donated the piano when he joined the unity. The instrument has only eight-five keys rather than eighty-eight, which did not become the standard number for piano keys until 1890. Prior to 1890, pianos were made with keys that could number anywhere between sixty and eighty-plus, depending on what the customer wanted.

Steinway made the piano in Koreshan State Park’s Art Hall in 1885. It is one of only a few pianos they made with eight-five keys. According to their website, STEINWAY & SONS was founded in 1853 by German immigrant Henry Engelhard Steinway in a Manhattan loft on Varick Street. Over the next thirty years, Henry and his sons developed the modern piano.

The piano is still played regularly for Art Hall concerts. Your donations help Friends of Koreshan State Park maintain the piano. Follow our Facebook page to learn about upcoming concerts open to the public, and other park events.

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