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The Koreshan Laundry House

The Koreshan Laundry House was built in 1903 in the Industrial Area of the park, where the entire settlement’s laundry could be washed and dried in only one day (11 hours).

All of the Unity laundry was done at the laundry house. There were between five and seven staff members. The laundry building contained three machines. One was a (VERY) large capacity washer, and the two other machines were called an extractor and a tumbler.

After the clothing and bedding were washed in the washer, The extractor, which operated like a modern spin dryer, reportedly spun at 3,000 RPM. It extracted all the water out of the newly washed items, leaving them virtually dry but tightly pressed together. The compressed items were then placed in the tumbler. The tumbler would rotate and loosen the items so they could be hung up to dry. In the Florida sun and heat, most of the wrinkles fell out, so little ironing was needed.

The laundry house was torn down in the mid 1950s, when it was no longer needed.

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