We Live Inside

Why Dr. Teed believed the Earth was hollow and we live inside it.

Beliefs, about the nature of God and the nature of the Universe, were very important to the Koreshans in later years. Their vision of the world is a set of religious/pseudo-scientific beliefs put forth by Dr. Cyrus Teed, founder of Koreshanity.

Much of what Teed believed was given to him in a vision he called his Divine Illumination in 1869. According to Dr. Teed, God revealed to him the meaning of the universe and Teed’s purpose and place in it. Teed said God instructed him to interpret the Bible to the masses, and revealed several “truths” he wanted Teed to share with the world.

Among these truths was that God was both male and female, and thus women were to be treated the same as men, and everyone of all races were to be treated equally. Then, according to Dr. Teed, in this same vision, God revealed to him that we live on the inside of the Earth.

After he awoke from this vision, Teed vowed to apply his scientific knowledge to “redeem humanity.” He then denounced the idea that the Earth revolved around the sun and instead pioneered his own theory of the universe he called the Cellular Cosmogony.

The sun is an invisible electromagnetic battery revolving in the universe’s center on a 24-year cycle. Our visible sun is only a reflection, as is the moon, with the stars reflecting off seven mercurial discs that float in the sphere’s center. In the Earth, there are three separate atmospheres: the first composed of oxygen and nitrogen and closest to the Earth; the second, a hydrogen atmosphere above it; the third, an aboron atmosphere at the center. The Earth’s shell is one hundred miles thick and has seventeen layers. The outer seven are metallic with a gold rind on the outermost layer; the middle five are mineral and the five inward are geologic strata. Inside the shell, there is life, outside a void.

A team of Koreshans led by Ulysses Grant Morrow conducted a survey on Naples beach using a land surveying device called a geodetic rectilineator, part of which is on display in the Art Hall in the Historic Unity Settlement in Koreshan State Park. According to Teed, the survey indicated that the horizon did not go down, but actually went up about eight inches per mile or around thirty-six inches in the land surveyed.

Conclusion, if the horizon goes up, we must live in a concave world, or on the inside. Therefore…

We Live Inside!

To learn more about Dr. Teed and other Florida pioneers, take one of Koreshan State Park’s Historic Guided Tours, and pick up a copy of “The Allure of Immortality” by Lyn Millner or Teed’s “Cellular Cosmogony” in the Ranger Station.

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