We are proud of our volunteers and appreciate their service! Park Service Volunteer benefits include:

  • 100 hours of service = Free admission to a park for you and your family.
  • 500 hours of service = Florida Park Service Annual Pass for free admission to all parks.
  • Volunteer recognition events, certificates, awards and more.

We are currently looking for volunteers to train and serve as/for:

  • Costumed Interpreters
  • Cooking Programs
  • Outreach Programs and Events
  • Park Events
  • Park Maintenance

If you have special skills unrelated to the above, that would help the park and/or our mission, please let us know!

If interested in volunteering to help the Friends of Koreshan State Park, Koreshan State Park’s CSO, and Koreshan State Park in any of these capacities, contact us @ FriendsofKoreshan@gmail.com.